The vibrational imprints of a flower are transferred and stabilized in water and a small amount of brandy. Flower essences can help reduce stress and help resolve old traumas, they can help create a harmony within our self and our animals.

Flower essences do not have any side effects. If you or your animal use an essence that you don't need, nothing will happen. Essences are completely safe. Flower essences should not be confused with essential oils or homeopathy.

When were flower essences first used?
An English physician, Dr. Edward Bach, is often credited with this modality of healing. Bach believed if one could rebalance emotions, an illness would improve. Bach's Rescue Remedy® is a widely used flower essence and is available in natural health stores and some supermarkets.

How does Sandy use flower essences?
There are many ways of using flower essences. They can be put on the skin of an animal or human, in the mouth, or in a spray bottle. All of these methods have very powerful results.

Sandy specializes in using Desert Flower Essesnces. These essences are put together by a very gifted woman, Cynthia Athina Kemp Scherer. Sandy believes that these essences are more powerful than typical flower essences - because plants in the desert must be very strong to survive. Flower essences can be an extremely effective tool in the hands of an experienced practitioner.

How do you know that the essence you choose is right for my animal companion?
Sandy puts together a special essence for each individual animal or human that she counsels. Every animal and human has their own personality and problems that need to be addressed and Sandy works towards addressing each of those problems.

When have you used essences?
Sandy uses flower essences often for animal problems such as: aggression, grief, separation anxiety, moving to a new home, or loss of an old home. These are just a few examples of how essences can be used.

Sandy has created essences for cats, dogs, birds, horses and humans. Flower essences are the tuning forks of nature.

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