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Sandra Gaston's counseling service, Animal Nature, is based in Seattle, Washington. Ms. Gaston has worked with rescue organizations throughout the Pacific Northwest and has clients in the United States, Canada, Europe, and South America. She has appeared as a guest on Seattle area news programs and radio talk shows. She is also co-producer of a nationally known animal behavior radio show in Seattle. Ms. Gaston provides behavioral counseling services to humans and their animals. Sandy also provides guidance on animal behaviour through her regular columns in BarfWorld's International Publication "Carnivora."

Techniques utilized include human/ animal communication, basic training, behavior modification, sound therapy, and herbal/flower essences. Ms. Gaston is a licensed and certified counselor in the state of Washington. She has had a private counseling practice since 1992.

Sandy's first training with animals began in 1988 in Tampa, Florida. While in Tampa, Sandy worked with various bird breeders and avian veterinarians. Throughout the early 1990s, Sandy continued her observations and studies of our companion animals by volunteering at various organizations, as well as studying with animal practitioners in the Puget Sound area.
While working with humans in her private counseling practice, Sandy noticed that their animal companions were also benefiting from her meditation therapies. As such, in 1995, Sandy expanded her services to include our companion animals.

Ms. Gaston provides one-on one counseling and group seminars on human/animal communications and animal behavior. She teaches people how to appropriately communicate with their pets and how to receive communication back. Behavioral and training issues are a major focus of this communication.

Ms. Gaston also provides individual and family counseling for grief issues related to the sickness or loss of animal friends.

Sandy is certified as an acutonics® practitioner. As such, she uses sound therapy on companion animals for behavioral issues. She also supplements veterinary prescribed treatments with her sound therapy. Ms. Gaston also utilizes dessert flower essences® in conjunction with her sound therapy treatments and behavioral counseling.

Sandy's volunteer activities include work at various holistic veterinarian clinics in the Seattle area. At the clinics, she assists with behavior problems and counsels clients with grief issues. She is a trained and certified volunteer for United Animal Nations-a national organization that provides emergency domestic animal rescue services during disasters.

Sandy is also the "on-call" behaviorist for Basset Rescue of Washington, and also serves as an in-house behaviorist for the Seattle Animal Shelter. Sandy has appeared as guest speaker on Martha Norwalk's Animal World many times, and has made guest appearances for various animal fundraisers throughout the Seattle and New York Metropolitan areas.

Over the years, Sandy has developed a holistic approach to communicating and living with our pets. As a trained counselor, spiritual teacher, and animal behaviorist, Sandy believes that our pets should be treated and trained with love and respect. As such, her approach is non-threatening to the animal and empowering to the human.

Sandy can be reached at (206) 364-6778 or



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